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Meet the Tab Team for Lent 2018

New year, new Tab !!

editorial Editors Lent 2018 new tab team

The Tab is back in 2018 with a brand new team full of fresh faces, churning out cutting-edge content and ready for Cantab controversy. That being said, some things never change – opinionated opinions, featured features and top quality, award-winning* j u r n a l i z m are still all on the programme.

If you fancy being published in Cambridge's most read newspaper, have access to the best stash + socials and be able to stick something on your CV – pitch your idea to one of our section editors by emailing the addresses below, add them on Facebook and join the Facebook writers group to get the ball rolling. If you'd like to join the editorial team next term, we strongly suggest you to write something for us first.

For article pitches and salacious gossip you just can't keep to yourself – email:

[email protected] if you want to be reporting on the kind of stories that get the whole university talking.

[email protected] if you want your voice to be heard on the important issues we deal with each day in Cambridge.

[email protected] if your college is getting ignored in every “What X is your college” or you’ve got some new ideas to bring to the paper’s most light hearted section

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A stunning bunch

The Tab Team Lent 2018!

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Lauren Morris (Catz) and Maxim Hibbs (Queens) – [email protected]

Love: Admin, delegating, procrastination and long walks of the beach

Hate: Law suits, ignoring our degrees and sobbing in UL when it all gets a bit too much

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Deputy Editors

Alice Ding (Jesus), Johanna Kinnock (Queens) and George Nairac (Fitz)

Love: Scheduling, organising socials

Hate: Less serious threats of legal action

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News Editor

Sneha Lala (Medwards) – [email protected], or for anonymous tip offs, submit here.

Love: Scandal, gossip, fuelling the tabloid fire

Hate: Daily Mail stealing our stories and adding the word 'snowflake'

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Features Editors

Editors: Annie Appen (Fitz), Rachael Goldwater (Medwards); Deputy Editor: Ellie House (Catz) – [email protected]

Love: Creating procrastination in its purest form, relatable memez for edgy cantabs

Hate: People complaining when their college hasn't be designated an IKEA table/peep show character/fish from Blue Planet. Sorry you're irrelevant move on.

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Opinion Editors

Editors: Flora Bowen (Clare), Meg Coslett (Homerton); Deputy Editors: Daisy Everingham (Emma), Henry Weighill (Johns) – [email protected]

Love: Provoking the everyday Cantab, polarising opinion, important issues

Hate: angery reacts only

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Lifestyle and Fashion

Izzy Ormonde (Queens) and Hollie Berman (Medwards) – [email protected]

Love: wavy garms, matchmaking and aesthetic pics of food

Hate: when instagram is down

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Interviews Editor

Maddy Rennie (Catz) – [email protected]

Love: Meeting celebs, the Union press box

Hate: Sneaky question-dodgers.

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Tab TV

Presenters – Danny Wittenberg (Clare) and Will Turner (Queens); Team – Bronte Cullum (Caius), Emma Sims (Lucy Cav) and Joe Cook (Homerton) – [email protected]

Love: Getting recognized in the Cindies queue, a classic vox pop

Hate: Getting heckles from drunken club patrons

So there you have it! There's team for this term – stay tuned for salacious stories and captivating content to distract you from your degrees.

We're still looking for a Theatre Editor, so email [email protected] if you're interested!

*Not strictly true