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Regeni’s murder: Supervisor’s data seized

Dr Abdelrahman’s phone and computer have been seized

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In a new development in the investigation into Giulio Regeni's murder, Dr Abdelrahaman's (Regini's supervisor) computer and phone has been seized by Italian magistrates investigating the case. However, there is no suggestion that Dr Abdelrahaman was involved with the death.

Regeni disappeared on 25th January 2016 in Cairo and his body was discovered on February 3rd of that same year. His body was found mutilated with evidence of extreme torture including recovered burns, broken bones, scars, stab wounds, abrasions and contusions.

Regeni's body was found to show extensive signs of torture

He was in Cairo researching Egyptian labour unions for his PhD. However, this investigation led to him being held in police custody and being monitored by the Egyptian National Security Agency prior to his disappearance.

Dr Abdelrahaman has faced media scrutiny and it was alleged by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, that Regeni was reluctant to pursue the topic but she told him to despite knowing the danger. Cambridge University has since labelled the allegations as 'malicious and unfounded' and lacking an understanding of the supervision system. She has since claimed in media reports that Regeni chose the topic out of his own free will.

An Italian paper accused Dr Abdelrahaman of putting Regeni in harms way, something she and the university have denied.

The seizing of information will allow investigators to whether the research topic was Regeni's choice and whether he was put in harms way by any individuals.

In honor of Regeni, Cambridge University is to set up a scholarship in his name.

The Tab has contacted Cambridge university and the Cambridgeshire police force for comment.