Things to do with your Innocent smoothie knit hat

These will melt your cold dead heart

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NB: This is completely unsponsored, and authored solely because I am overcome with how cute these hats are, and have genuinely cultivated a strong passion for placing the hats in cute places around my room.

In October, Innocent rolled out its yearly 'The Big Knit' campaign, wherein its smoothies were sold with little woollen hats perched atop the bottles. 25p from each smoothie went to Age UK in support of welfare initiatives and activities for older people.

I didn't know about this campaign until this year, when I started seeing little wooly hats on top of smoothie bottles around Cambridge. When I found out what they were for, my heart grew about ten sizes. It didn't help that the hats were ridiculously cute. I resolved to buy as many bottles as I could, and to start a little knitted hat collection to show my support. To my dismay, the campaign seemed to have ended by the end of October; further, a bout of illness put my smoothie purchasing on hold, leaving me with a meagre two knitted hats in my 'collection'.

Over the past few weeks, the cuteness of the knitted hats has continued to grip me. I have tried and tested different nesting spots for the hats, and now impart this wisdom upon others who, like me, just want to put the hats to even more pure and wholesome use.

Accessorise your plush animals

It all started with the bear from a sock that broke off in the wash.

Image may contain: Toy, Teddy Bear, Person, People, Human

Things then escalated to my teddy.

Dress up your cleaning agents

Image may contain: Drink, Beverage, Bottle

There's no better way to enliven your chores.

Decorate your shelves

Image may contain: Wood, Stained Wood, Hardwood, Light Fixture

Taking your vitamin supplement has never been cuter.

Image may contain: Figurine, Shelf, Furniture, Bookcase, Book

The only interesting thing about the contents of this bookshelf.

Image may contain: Text, Paper, Business Card

"If you simplify your English, you are freed from the worst follies of orthodoxy."

Garnish everything in your room that is boring

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Brighten up the slog through your textbook reading.

Adorn your beverages

Image may contain: Water Jug, Pitcher, Jug, Poodle, Pet, Mammal, Dog, Canine, Animal

You have no choice but to hydrate when your water is this cute.

Image may contain: Bottle, Knitting

Peak wine mum.

Image may contain: Furniture, Bed, Quilt, Home Decor

Ready to make the cutest pot of coffee in the history of mankind.

In these cold winter months, warmth in our hearths and our hearts is more important than ever. The Innocent knitted hats teach us that it is possible to cultivate warmth and wholesomeness wherever we go.