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The Tab wants to hear your opinions and experiences of class and privilege at Cambridge.

We all know there's a lot of avocado-loving North London Waitrose babies here in Cambridge, and it can be fun to mock someone for being "SO middle class!!!" Yet privilege isn't a laughing matter at heart – a look at admissions statistics shows just how unrepresentative our university is of the wider world.

A Cambridge speciality: white men in black tie, talking politics

Often class is a contentious issue here – few with highly privileged backgrounds feel comfortable admitting that they went to an elite school, while those from working class backgrounds or with a regional accent feel they have to hide these aspects of their identity to fit in.

Elitist and exclusionary?

And while statistics make for a great news story, we want to delve a bit deeper and hear what Cantabs really think. Our survey asks you to consider presumptions of privilege, appropriation of working class culture, and the way your educational background affects your time here.

Whatever your political leanings, whatever your background, we want to hear from you.

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