Back to Uni fashion essentials

Because getting your Summer wardrobe on point is clearly the most important part of Easter term

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There is enough stress to be dealing with this term without worrying about updating your style. But do not fear. Here is your guide to navigating the treacherous waters of Summer fashion.

The key wardrobe essentials for a fashion-conscious Cantab should include:

A statement tee

These are everywhere at the moment. Band tees, slogan tees, embroidered tees…there is a huge variety to choose from and they are a simple way to spice up your daily jeans and t-shirt uniform.

Why not use your t-shirt to pay homage to your favourite stars?  Take note from Stormzy, and why not pick up a Louis Theroux one? Or Rita Ora, who has been pictured with a George Michael graphic on hers?

Big up man like Louis – get yourself a t-shirt with an intellectual edge and make like Stormzy


When these first appeared on the scene I was scared to wear a trouser that had the tricky combination of being both loose-fitting and 3/4 length. However, they are actually much easier to wear than they initially appear! Just pair with a simple t-shirt and you’re good to go.

Plus they are SO comfortable. I cannot emphasise this enough. It literally feels like you are wearing pyjamas. What could be more perfect for a long library sesh? You will never want to wear skinny jeans again.

There is a brilliant array in Zara and Topshop, and since both stores are in central Cambridge you really have no excuse not to pop in. You will not regret it…until perhaps when it ruins your budgeting for the term.

Whatever your choice in footwear culottes are a definite must-have (these ones are from Zara)

A killer pair of shoes

If my feet are looking fab it always helps me feel like I have my life together…even when I’m 3 weeks behind my revision schedule.

Of course not everyone wants to wear a 5-inch heel everyday, and you definitely don’t need to make a sacrifice in the fashion stakes to compensate for this as platforms look just as great. For all those Converse-lovers, a platform version of the shoe has just been released. You can find other forms of platform trainers or creepers just about everywhere, but Office has some gorgeous ones, and for a more dressed-up vibe platform brogues can even be found in Zara.

These Puma Fentys are super comfy, perfect for a day sat sedentary in the library

And there is no need to end the shoe discussion there…

This season there is embroidery everywhere. Everywhere. So why not rock it on your feet too? My favourite purchase so far has been this gorgeous pair from Topshop (as below). Plus the ribbon fastening is really ‘in’ at the moment too. Its a win-win situation. What’s not to love?

Embroidery, ribbons, flowers, pink…what’s not to love? <3

I’m not sure if any men will have made it this far, but you can also get embroidered trainers so there’s no reason why you have to miss out on this trend!

A shirt

Shirts have always been a staple but this season don’t let yours be boring. There are a huge variety of floral embroidered ones to be found in most high street shops. But if that’s not for you ‘banker stripes’ (blue and white) are also particularly on trend.

There is no need to wear your shirt in a conventional fashion either. Get an oversized version and leave most of the top buttons undone so you can pull it down past the tops of your shoulders. Or if that’s a little daring, don’t fasten the bottom few buttons and tuck in just one of the front tails, leaving the other hanging.

A huge carry all

How else are you going to carry your snacks (and books) to the library? A tote is required for these circumstances. If you can find one with an amusing slogan that’s even better, and a great way to ease you into the trend if you’re nervous about wearing a t-shirt with one.

For example, this one from Urban Outfitters is fab…

In other words, please leave me alone

With these items in your wardrobe you’ll be able to nail it in the style stakes every day and look fabulous whether you’re having a day in the library or a night out in town.