Which Tracy Beaker character is your college?


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You are all thinking it. We all watched it. Religiously. Over and over again. Tracy Beaker is the show of our generation.  The all important question is: Where does you college fit in the Dumping Ground? 

Pembroke- Tracy

Good at heart, Pembroke students are notorious attention seekers (did they mention they have a Michelin star chef?) They are also almost always the focus of a ‘What X is your college’ article.

Trinity- Bouncer

By far the biggest member of the Dumping Ground, Trinity likes to think it would eat every other college for breakfast.

Tit Hall- Lol

Trinity’s smaller, somewhat slimmer brother.

Sidney Sussex- Duke

Sidney is known for being always warm and lovable, the kind of guy you can always rely on. Unfortunately, its proximity to Sainsbury’s had taken its toll.

 John’s- Justine Littlewood

Self important, gloriously bitchy, and  the source of all episodic menace and evil, Justine has all the attributes needed to pass the John’s admission process.

Caius- Louise 

Caius seems nice and pretty and innocent from a distance, but on closer inspection their loyalties are questionable.

Girton- Tracy’s mum

Girton is too far away to feature in reality. Only our imagination can picture what the college actually looks like.

King’s- The Wellards 

Punk with many edges, the spiritual home of the Wellards is almost certainly King’s Bunker.

Peterhouse- Peter 

Like Peter, Peterhouse is so small we regularly forget it’s there. Also Peter and Peterhouse have Peter in common so they’ve pretty much got to go together.

Homerton- Marco

Never missing a moment to embrace their inner thespian, Marco and Homerton both know what its like to be a bit ‘way out.’

Jesus- Jackie 

Like Jackie, students at Jesus are known for their sportier outakes. Jackie also has red hair, and Jesus has a lot of red bricks.

Fitz- Nathan

Probably smoking something questionable, this roadman is an ideal fit for Fitz.  Might not be the first choice of care worker, though.

Clare- Alice

Artsy to their core, Clare takes the holistic road to happiness, rainbows and sunshines and all.

Newnham- Cam Lawson 

Cam don’t need no man to take on the world (and Tracy).

Churchill- Cam’s Car

Generally not considered the most elegant of colleges, Churchill does manage to retain that 1960s charm.

Robinson- Wolfie

Rogue with many wavy garms, in reality Wolfie is just quite posh.

Corpus- Milly

Small, mute and cute, you barely even notice she exists.

Lucy Cav- Adele


Adele and Lucy Cav both know the feeling of having outstayed their welcome. Moving on into the big wide world is just too difficult.

CUSU- Elaine the pain

Okay, not technically a college. Elaine tries to keep on top of everything while everyone largely ignores her. Disaffiliation from Elaine is tempting to some.

If you disagree with this article in any way you can frankly bog off.