Three reports of “indecent exposure” near Sidgwick this month

Arts students, beware the flasher

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A “white male” in his early 50s has flashed students in broad daylight near Sidgwick Avenue. 

Speaking to The Tab, Cambridgeshire police said “We have received three reports of indecent exposure in Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge, in January this year. The incidents, which occurred on January 6, 10 and 23, are currently being investigated.”

“Anyone with information regarding the incidents should call police on 101 quoting CF0039230117.”


This email was sent by the Divinity Faculty

Emails sent by faculties and colleges this morning only mentioned two reports. According to one “a white male, early 50’s 5ft4″ or below, with a large build” has flashed people twice in the middle of the afternoon.

The incidents were reported to police, who will patrol the area and review available CCTV footage.

Emails encouraged students to report any further incidents to the police. The Cambridgeshire police can be contacted online or by calling 999 in an emergency or 101 to make an inquiry or report a non-urgent matter.

Last term, students were approached after dark on Grange Road

The recent flashing comes after a string of attacks on students last term in various places around Cambridge. The most serious of these was an assault on a Medwards student near Magdalene Bridge.

At the time, the University advised staff and students to remain “extremely vigilant when walking in and around the city, particularly after nightfall.”

Sidgwick (n): unexplored territory for arts students

Arts students don’t seem too concerned by the reports. One told us “This doesn’t affect us, as we never go to lectures anyway.”

Another asked “What’s Sidgwick site.”

Although everybody might assume Cambridge is the safest place on Earth, people should be more careful.