Week 4 brings with it musical foliage, exiled women, comical infant teeth and satirical Trump

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At the ADC

Little Shop of Horrors Tue 1st November 2016 – Sat 5th November 2016 at 7:45pm and 2:30pm on Saturday 5th November

A classic cult musical to lift mid-term woes. Combining the genres of horror, comedy and musicals, the CUMTS production promises to be the perfect accompaniment to the Halloween festivities. It follows the story of Seymour and his strange and unusual plant that develops a soulful R&B voice, a potty mouth, and an unquenchable thirst for human blood. Hype.

Much horror, very musical

Dipthong Tue 1st November- Thu 3rd November at 11:00pm

Four Footlights partner up to give us a sketch show with a twist (there is always a twist). Two comedy double acts come together and battle over their comedic styles. Much witty banter. See the Tab TV’s exclusive chit chat with the said individuals here.

Dropouts! Fri 4th- Sat 5th November at 11:00pm

Fresh comedy concerning two best friends who get kicked out of Cambridge as a result of their extra curricular activities. Follow them as they go to a Uni where you can actually have a life out of work. Drug Lords and Drunkenness are promised.

Wanna drop out? These folks have already gone and done it

At Corpus Playroom

e x i l e  Tuesday 1st November – Saturday 5th November at 7:00pm

New student writing by Rute Costa following six women who meet in exile. “I used to think I could just replant myself – that exile was a new garden in which to grow. But now my roots are rotting. I’ll stop being a tree and turn into sand.”

Milk Teeth Tuesday 1st November – Saturday 5th November at 9:30pm

Growing up is hard. It can also be funny. Four diphyodonts lose their baby teeth in Corpus Playroom and attempt to tackle their big teeth (and the big questions in Life) through the joys of a sketch show.

Teeth may or may not be extracted during the course of this show

At Bateman auditorium at Caius

Amnesty International’s The State of The States: Trump’d Wednesday 2nd November at 7:30pm

Anyone shit scared about the possible world shattering scenario that could take place next week? Me too. Luckily we can laugh it all off. For one night only the cast of Trump’d the Musical (Easter 2016) reunite for this Amnesty International night in the last days before the American election results are announced.

Come and laugh at this cretin for Amnesty

Mid term blues? Rejuvenate your faith in humanity with some thespian fun.