BEST BUMS 2016 IS HERE: Do you have Cambridge’s perkiest peach?

Why not have a *crack* at it?

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You’ve waited a year. You’ve squatted it through. You’re unsure as to how we’re surviving a world where Halloween is on a Monday and Marmite is no longer in Tesco. But have no fear, entries are officially open for the competition you most want to get behind.

“This is journalism hitting rock *bottom*” we hear you cry. Ah, so you think you’ve seen it all? Oh butt you haven’t. We are here to get to the *bottom* (sorry) of the most pressing issue of our time.

If your ego is drawn to the potential of having your ass-tounding behind celebrated in front of the world, then this is the competition for you. But will you end up as the top, or bottom? Here’s how you can prove you have the BEST BUM in Cambridge…

Get “cheeky” with it

You gotta get the cheeks out. It’s called Best Bums for a reason.

Do u even squat?


You’ve got to make the most of the scenery available to you. The best pictures benefit from the grandeur of Cambridge. Between halls, libraries, bridges, spires, JCRs, towers, bars, clubs, cellars, rooftops, and fields you’re not short of options. You can be super original or just postcard gorgeous – both approaches work.

College court? Check. UL? Check. Roof? Check.

Make it a good picture

We’re not looking for shaky Snapchat screenshots here. Try your best to have good lighting, a steady cameraman and a relatively good-quality shot.

Good luck, we hope you achieve ANUStonishing photo finish.

Send your submissions to [email protected] by November 11th.