Feminism compared to black slavery in misogynistic letter sent to all JCR Presidents

It accuses women of using sex as a currency too.

Cambridge’s JCR Presidents have reportedly been sent a bizarre letter entitled ‘Feminism’ from an anonymous source.

The Tab understands that all colleges have received the letter, which is double-sided and printed on green card. Presidents from the following JCRs have confirmed receiving the letter so far: John’s, Magdalene, Peterhouse, Homerton, Tit Hall, Pembroke, Christ’s, Caius and Jesus.

The letters were stamped at Peterborough Mail Centre which suggests a group external from the University has sent them. It is believed that the letters were delivered today.

Who doesn't love getting surprise mail?

Who doesn’t love getting surprise mail?

Addressed ‘Dear Son’, the letter descends into a sweeping misogynistic survey of feminism. The anonymous writer calls sex the “currency of the workplace and the context for a career” whereas before, “sex came with marriage in exchange for a home and children.”

“The glass ceiling used to be very low. So when the girls said, ‘yes’ to sex, the men said ‘yes’ to girl power” explains the letter.

The writer believes that we have Madonna “strutting her stuff” in the 90’s to blame for “open-ended sexual availability”. “What kind of feminism is that?” the letter challenges.


A modernist masterpiece, or a misogynistic disaster?

The analysis doesn’t stop there though. According to the letter, feminism is almost “paedophobic”. It goes on to cite “routine abortions” and a manipulation of tax benefits as a means of destroying the patriarchy: “It is an irony that slavery was damned for destroying the black family, yet feminists now think it’s progressive that they are destroying the white family.”

The writer reminds us that: “They can make wonderful life long lovers, great mothers and loyal friends.”

The letter becomes sexually graphic when it urges the reader to: “speak patience to your cock. You have to understand that the wet and the warm in all its squelching glory with someone you love, brings not only pleasure but also joy.”


You couldn’t make it up.

Homerton’s JCR President told The Tab: “It may suggest the involvement of some broader organisation but I can’t think what message the letter is intended to convey other than scepticism about feminism. I don’t intend to do anything further about it. Some presidents are framing their letters as mementos of their time ‘in office’. I shredded mine.”

Speaking to The Tab, Molly O’Connor said: “The letter is so ridiculous it will take me at least another hour for me to stop laughing at it and start being disgusted by it.”

Jack Lewy commented, “I’m glad my Dad doesn’t send me letters like that during term time.”

Making the letter even weirder, the writer signs it off “Love Dad” and encourages the reader to see the motto on the Corpus Clock: “the world passeth away, and the lust thereof”.