QUEXIT: Queens’ JCR Call for referendum on CUSU affiliation

QUEXIT joins PEXIT to call for JCR disaffiliation from CUSU

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After controversy surrounding the referendum last week on allifiation to NUS, Queens’ JCR have reacted by calling a referendum on CUSU affiliation.

Queens’ joins Peterhouse in requesting a referendum for CUSU affiliation. This follows the result of the NUS referendum, as said by the JCR presidents in an email, which made the issue ‘relevant’. The email detailed that they hope to have a referendum before the year is over.

Email sent to Queens’ students by the JCR Presidents

Along with the email, the JCR sent a ‘fact-based document’, detailing all the consequences for Queens’ JCR should they remain or disaffiliate from CUSU.

The document developed that leaving CUSU would save the JCR about £3400 per annum, and cost CUSU 0.36% of their budget. This would leave Queens’ students still individual members of CUSU, so their rights to services provided by CUSU such as the Mail Service and free pregnancy tests would be unaffected. They would also still benefit from the autonomous campaigns run by CUSU, and would be able to receive training for Access Officers.

However, it  is pointed out in the QUEXIT brief that this could be viewed as “being a ‘free-rider’“ on CUSU’s services, with proclamations from CUSU included in the document that if too many colleges disaffiliate, they would be unable to fund the Freshers’ Fair.

Too much disaffiliation could damage the Freshers’ Fair


The QUEXIT brief will be followed up by more information in the lead up to the referendum, which is planned before the end of the year.