BREAKING: Record breaking turnout for NUS Referendum so far

CUSU Coordinator confirms that DSO referendum turnout exceeded after just one day of voting

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Voting is now open in the NUS disaffiliation referendum. Vote by following this link. Vote Yes for disaffiliation or No to remain affiliated. 

CUSU Coordinator Jemma Stewart has confirmed on twitter that turnout has surpassed the record-breaking turnout of the Disabled Students’ Officer referendum in Lent term, with turnout already at 21.38%.

Jemma Stewart tweeted the news

In order for ‘Yes’ to win and for disaffiliation to occur, ‘Yes’ must not only win the largest number of votes, but also be voted for by 10% of all registered voters, of whom there are 21, 459. A ‘Yes’ total of 2148, along with overall victory over ‘No’, is required.

However, for ‘No’ to win and for CUSU to remain affiliated to the NUS, ‘No’ either has to win the referendum outright, or ‘Yes’ can win but not reach the required 2148 votes.

CUSU Referendum Rules document

There are still two days left in the referendum, ballot for which will close at 4pm on Friday 27th May. The result will be announced shortly afterwards.

With feisty campaigning from all sides, it’s all to play for.