Psychology paper changed FOUR days before exam

Part II Psychology students were left shocked by the announcement that one of their exams would have five fewer essay options than originally promised.

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Students set to take Paper 4A on Friday, May 27th in the Part II Psychology Tripos received an email this morning about their exam.

The email reduced the number of options of essays from 17 or 18 as it had been in previous years, to just 13.

The department of psychology will no doubt come under fire

The department of psychology will no doubt come under fire

An anonymous source added that although the Examiners’ Report for previous years had recommended the reduction of question options to adapt to the new number of lectures, students had been told at the start of the year that said reduction would not occur.

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That this sudden change has taken place a mere four days before the exam is set to take place has been described as “outrageous”, and presents another blunder after the sudden cancellation of an Italian First Year exam.

Hopefully the exam won’t be too much of a head-scratcher for the students who have had to deal with this sudden change.