Five John’s ‘lads’ banned from the May Ball

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Five boys from St John’s college – four second years and one third year – have been banned from their own college’s legendary May Ball.

The ban is reportedly a result of the infamous swap which a group of Johnian ‘lads’ went on last Michaelmas, at which their misogyny and classism was exposed.

After outrage at the swap gained national coverage, the college remained quiet on their response to the situation: it allegedly remained an “ongoing investigation” throughout the majority of Lent term.

It emerged from various sources within the college early this Easter term, that the boys were banned from the ball. This was due to them either being the worst offenders at the swap, or for not showing enough remorse at the meetings held by the Dean. The Dean has since declined to comment.

The red carpet that got away.

The red carpet that got away.

One of the boys, though still part of the same social group, is thought to have been banned for an offence unrelated to the swap.

The other boys on the swap were reportedly punished less severely, having been dealt drinking bans at the Ball, whereby they will have to prove sober to the porters at certain intervals throughout the night.

A second year girl who has swapped with the boys before, feels that the punishments are “fair all in all. Actions like theirs should have consequences, and this seems like a step in the right direction.”

It is also rumoured that a number of the boys are set to be placed at the bottom of the room ballot for their third year, irrespective of whether any of them achieve a first, which the John’s ballot system prioritises.

Is this interpretive dance?

Is this interpretive dance?

Speaking to The Tab, a second year Johnian has expressed dissatisfaction with the outcome: “Banning the boys from the May Ball is all very well and good, but I can’t see how that’s a constructive means of tackling the source of their offences – banning them from one May Ball isn’t exactly a step in the direction of tackling their prejudices.”

Another Johnian student, in third year, has taken a more provocative stance on the impact this will have on lad culture in John’s: “When the freshers arrive the boys are desperate to indoctrinate them. It’s like a fetish. Hopefully this will break the cycle and show the freshers that the “John’s boys” are just children trying to adjust to the Big Person World.”

The boys have not been on a swap since Michaelmas 2015, The Tab has heard.