THE GREAT CAMBRIDGE BAKE OFF: College cake cooks up a storm

Mary Berry eat your heart out: a Cambridge Student’s 21st birthday cake replica of Peterhouse is ‘baking’ over the internet.

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Peterhouse student Dmitry Kirpichenko has overturned all expectations for the ultimate 21st birthday, by providing a cake in the shape of Peterhouse for his wife.

The gigantic fruitcake, which took over 200 hours to make, was completed by The Cake Shop in Oxford, with expert baker Sally Davis venturing to Cambridge to explore the college and take photos to compliment the creation. Measuring 1 x 1.8 metres, Eloise Davies, whose birthday warranted the magnificent creation, had to send most of the cake back to the college for others to enjoy.

A sugar coma would surely be induced with this extravagant feast

The baker told The Cambridge News that the most difficult parts of the cake to create were the newer areas, particularly the 1960s building at the back of the college and the Whittle Building, designed to fit with the aesthetic of the college but which was only opened last year.  Consisting of seven fruitcakes and one lemon sponge, calculations based on the working hours given by the baker show that the cake must have cost thousands of pounds. When pressed on the subject, Kirpichenko revealed that it was in the lower thousands but did not provide an exact amount.

The happy couple – Dmitry and Eloise

Despite the couple getting married at the end of their first year in a register office, Eloise said “the cake is probably the craziest thing that’s happened!”

The happy couple in cake form

When asked for comment Dmitry stated: ‘The cake is a work of art, giving a group of excellent craftsmen in a small business the chance to produce their highest quality work, and lots of other people the chance to enjoy the fruits of their labour. This seemed a good way to make Eloise’s birthday memorable.’

With the original photograph of the cake garnering nearly 200 likes on Facebook, it was quickly picked up by national media outlets including the Daily Mail.

We’ve heard of Peterhouse being full of metaphorical ‘fruitcakes’, but this is ridiculous.