The annual Oxbridge Boat Race is being renamed in support of cancer research

It’s oarsome news

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In the build up to the annual Oxford and Cambridge boat race held over the Easter holidays, it has been announced that The Boat Race 2016 will be called “The Cancer Research Boat Race”. 

BNY Mellon and Newton Investment Boat Race remain sponsors of the Boat Race, but they have decided to ditch last year’s slightly mundane name of “The BNY Mellon Boat Race”, handing over the title sponsorship to the cancer charity.

Training for the big day

Last year, 6 million people tuned in for the men’s race and 4.8 for the women’s. Critics of the sport are confused by its high popularity. One student was left questioning its appeal, saying “It’s just a silly race in cold, polluted water with some muscly men pushing some fancy stick in a boat that essentially looks like a stick insect.”

Despite some cynicism amongst students, the event will undoubtedly be watched all over the world, meaning huge visibility for the charity.

Curtis Arledge, Vice-Chairman of the bank, said the decision “reflects our focus on meaningful investments, especially when we can leverage our sponsorship to further effect change”.

A different kind of boat race

Helena Morrissey, chief-executive officer of BNY Mellon hopes the decision will lead other businesses to “follow suit and that together we can make a genuine difference”.

Meanwhile, Cath Bishop, Chair of the CUWBC, noted, “Cancer Research UK’s approach to scientific progress and medical breakthroughs is an inspiration to us – we are proud to be supported by them.”

This announcement comes after the charity launched “The Great Row”, a campaign encouraging people to exercise. The campaign will see people racing each other on rowing machines in the week leading up to the official races. Participants should be prepared to row a minimum distance of 2,000 metres, and expect blisters as well.

Men with big fancy sticks

Sarah Carlotti, a big name in Cambride heavy-weight rowing, says “it’s a great move by BNY Mellon to raise the profile of this hugely important charity.

“After the move of the women’s boat race to the tideway last year, they are once again leading the way by using their sponsorship to really make a difference, and this should make a huge contribution to the fight against cancer.”

One student suggested they may have changed their name “because they were getting too many internship applications from keen 2nd years. I can’t be sure this is the reason. But it makes sense – the moment I see a glittering sign for an Investment Bank sponsoring a Cambridge event, I say I want to work there!”

Lets hope this year’s go smoothly – the boat race has an unfortunate history for cox ups.