Students bash innocent bystanders after fight over woman in Cindies

Probably still less dodgy than Spoons

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Six ARU students, most of them sentenced to 12 months, have been thrown into jail after a “vicious and unprovoked” assault on two Turkish men outside Cindies in early 2015.

The prosecution said the attackers – Evander Vicente, Ralph Simon-Michael, Syed Ahmed, Husnain Ali, Junior Joe-Gabriel  – all aged between 19 and 21, had been drinking “a mixture of champagne, vodka, and rum” in ARU halls before they went out.

After arriving at Cindies at 1:00 am, Vicente was ejected from the club following “a disagreement with another man over a young lady”.

Where the men congregated after Cindies.

After being joined by his friends outside EAT, the group of men spotted Mohammet Ugur and Akdeniz Emir waiting for a taxi. The group of students mistook Ugur and Emir for members of the group that Vicente had had trouble with inside Cindies, and attacked the two innocent bystanders.

Cambridge Crown Court heard that Ugur and Emir were punched and kicked to the ground and that all members of the group, with the exception of Abdi, proceeded to kick both men in the head and stomach as they lay on the ground. Vicente and Ahmed took it even further by removing their belts and wrapping them around their hands to be used as knuckledusters.

Scene of the bashing.

Ugur, who had only arrived in the UK two days before the attack, suffered numerous facial injuries including a fractured eye socket. Emir also suffered from bruising and swelling to his face, particularly his nose.

All six students have been suspended from Anglia Ruskin. They have no previous convictions made against them, with the exception of Simon-Michael who had been charged with a robbery offence. In court, their solicitors stressed that a jail sentence would remove any possibility of a return to university. In an attempt to show remorse, the attackers have not drunk alcohol since the incident.

Cindies on a slightly more chaotic night.

But Judge David Farrell wasn’t having any of it, insisting that jail was the “only option”. He described the attack as “a disgraceful episode of public disorder. It was a group attack in which all of you played a part”, noting that “weapons were even prepared by two of you”.

Adbi, who didn’t take part in the most violent part of the assault, has been sentenced to six months in prison. The rest of the attackers received double his sentence.

It’s going to be a grim New Year for these drunk and disorderly students.