The Best of: Cambridge Yik Yak

‘Anonymous Twitter’. helping Cambridge students procrastinate since 2k14.

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Yik Yak documents the daily struggle of anon Yakees, who, like most of us, just don’t have it together.

But shift though the inevitable essay crisis and the people who mistake Yak for google and you’ll find some (very) original Yak gold. Or at very least, some ARU banter.

Regardless, it’ll make you feel better about your mid-term existential crisis. So here’s the best of Cambridge Yak over the past 7 days, as voted for by you:

Uni life is tough sometimes:


night in with the #lads


God, stop being so needy you old nerds

But don’t worry, Yak wit should cheer you up:


People who have a talent in both literature and science are a gift to the world

Not these guys though – we doubt even Yak Karma improved their day:


Crushing feelings of inadequecy #justcambridgethings


Awh, it’s that point in term

And as for this student…


Shout-out to the owner of the new arsehole: if you want to write a testimonial, the Tab features section is always recruiting

But even if everything’s going wrong, at least you’re not at Anglia Ruskin


It’s a cheap shot, but anonymity makes dickheads of us all

Solidarity’s always on hand


At least you walked to Sainsbury’s to buy biscuits at some point then


Happens to the best of us

And at the end of the day, you can always Netflix and Chill


I’m into bondage, BBC bondage.

Every once in a while somebody makes a good point


I hope you enjoyed that bizarre mental image, patriarchy

Or a really weird one


If this is a true story then yak has gotten dark

Regardless, you’ll miss it once you’re home:


no anonymous friends out to play

The internet is truly a worrying and colourful place.