How to have fun at a bop: A fresher’s guide

They might not be quite as wild as Cindies on a Wednesday, but it is possible to have fun at bops. I promise.

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Arriving at Cambridge, fresh faced and lacking the countless bags under my eyes (screw you week 5) I had never heard of a bop.

I’d heard wild stories of underground college bars being transformed into nightclubs and booze cheaper than you could ever imagine. While this may be true for a lucky few, at least at my college, this was definitely not the case. Basically just a school disco with alcohol, bop must be approached with care.

Follow these steps and you’ll be fine.


Drink. A lot. Before the bop. During the bop. After the bop.


Nothing to see here

While there may be booze at the bop, you never want to go to one sober. You want to pre-drink, and hard. Going to a bop sober is like walking into a Year 6 disco –  flashing lights, a sound system and boys with a questionable amount of gel in their hair.

As the bop is at college, make the most of being able to buy drinks on your Cam Card. I’m sure mummy and daddy will understand how it is in fact justifiable to spend £50 on VKs at one bop. You’re just trying to make friends and fit in right? Or, if you’ve just come from a formal hall, make the most of the wine. No one is going to judge you for drinking straight out the bottle, and if they do, they’re just sober, and therefore irrelevant.


£2.50 Aldi’s finest doing the job.

After the bop, there’s going to be things you want to forget about the bop, so drink some more. It’s pretty much inevitable that bops are going to reveal things about people you never thought possible.

That girl who seems to spend all her time in the library is suddenly grinding on some third year. That guy who has a rep for being the college lad is crying in the corner. If you can get through a bop with your dignity intact hats off to you. For us mere mortals, drink to ensure that at least when you do slip up, you won’t remember it.


Apart from in all the photos, obviously


Alcohol tends to lead to a patchy memory, so capture the night via snaps. They always make great entertainment in the morning. Snapchat is the perfect way to reminisce about the wild antics of a night spent in the cafe-turned-nightclub listening to some wild tunes in between spotify ads.


Life was so simple yesterday


Bops are the perfect excuse to get to know people from your college. It is suddenly completely normal to greet strangers by shouting ‘baaaaaaabe’ across the bar, and those scary second years suddenly don’t seem so intimidating when they’re passed out in the toilets. Be it through holding back someone’s hair as they chunder or bonding over your shared passion for VKs, bops are the perfect social environment to create new, long-lasting relationships.

when the bop hits you

When the bop hits you

Basically, as long as you go in with an open mind, an open bottle of wine and an open heart, a bop isn’t going to kill you.

Who knows, you might actually enjoy it.