ArcSoc failure: EXCLUSIVE footage of bouncers destroying decorations and after party’s misogynistic manikins

They destroyed decorations while telling students to get out

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ArcSoc’s Halloween event “The Metamorphosis” turned out to be a catastrophe on Friday night.

After horrendously long queues, shit acoustics in the Guildhall and flooded toilets, students might have expected more from a night held by the reputable ArcSoc and Turf than bouncers destroying decorations.

But this is what happened when Tab reviewers were eventually let in to the event that some students paid £20 for.

After a good while in the queue, and with ArcSoc meant to have told bouncers we were coming, we were told by bouncers they did not know who we were. After eventually contacting a member of the committee, we were let in by a bouncer saying “go on, just do whatever the fuck you want then.”


With poor music and flooding, there wasn’t much inside.

With two hours of the event left to go, bouncers shouted at people to leave corridors and destroyed the decorations.


Despite long queues and suggestions that the venue was running over capacity, the main hall looked empty for pretty much the whole evening.


The toilets were also grim.
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At 01:20, second year Clare Historian Joe Landman told us: “On a scale of one to horrendous, absolutely horrendous. Atmosphere? I cannot comment on that. Because I spent no time here due to the queue.”


If those who felt ripped off wanted to find reprieve in the all-night after party at Lola Lo’s (which shut at five, rather than six, in the end), they would not have been cheered up by the misogynistic manikins on show.

12200659_10208327628656995_1417501191_nComments scribbled onto a female manikin included “throbbing wood,” “good girl,” “bite me,” and “fuck me.”

Ignoring this, the Lola’s after party was generally better, even if it closed an hour early and the bouncers were similarly diabolical.

As for the Guildhall, Turf have finally also jumped to apologise, albeit in a rather overly-optimistic way, vaguely acknowledging those “stuck in a queue for too long” and those who “felt there were other aspects of the event that could have been tighter.”

“Having anything less than an easy and inspiring night at one of our events is totally unacceptable (regardless of the reasons)”, they said.

“The last thing we want is for the creative experience to be let down by elements of production that should be faultless. Especially on an event like this where the total ticket sales have barely covered the cost.”

Turf and Arcsoc, they continued, “work tirelessly to put on the best events that we can in new and exciting places, developing innovative event concepts. When we set-up an event at a venue we depend heavily on management at that venue – things like queue control, security and stewards are all outside of our remit and are provided by the venue (not by Turf or Arcsoc).”

Ending on a high-note, Turf said it’s been something of a learning curve: “Every time we do an event we learn a bit more, and we hope that people recognise that some of the setbacks this time are not consistent with the usually stress-free environments we try and maintain!”