Itchy Feet brings best of retro to Cambridge 

Lola Lo’s hosts your favourite music from the past sixty years this Sunday. Free tickets for best dressed retro shoppers at vintage fair.

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The itinerant Itchy Feet event will stop in Cambridge this Sunday 18th October as part of its tour of some 25 different towns around the country.  


Itchy DJs will entertain Cambridge students with genres including Funk, Soul, Rock n Roll, Swing, R&B, Reggae and Ska, and artists ranging from the 50s all the way up to the 90s.

So Itchy…

The night started back in 2007 on a Leeds backstreet, and the event has continued to grow since then. Organisers insist that “our music is different…at Itchy it’s all about the old.”

In keeping with the night’s retro vibe promoters will be selling Itchy Feet tickets at the Cambridge Vintage Fair this Saturday 17th October, with the opportunity of free tickets for anyone who especially impresses them with their vintage fashion.

Ready to get you your tickets at the Vintage Fair this Saturday.

Tickets are also available online:

Second year Queens’ student Octavia loves Itchy Feet so much she is now a promoter. She said “Itchy Feet provides me with the opportunities I need to experiment creatively with dramatic and potentially dangerous dance moves.”

Perfect place to try dangerous new moves…

Itchy describes its purpose as to “relieve the clubbing boredom of the musically enlightened.”

So, if you’re bored of wading through the sticky, crowded floors of Fez and Life this Sunday come and enjoy some of the best music the last sixty years have to offer.