BACKLASH I: WikiLeaks hits back at Union on Assange vote in Twitter shitstorm

WikiLeaks have produced a “Cambridge Union Statement Fact Checker”, retweeted The Tab and caused a Twitter storm

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As The Tab exclusively reported, the Union denies it has found itself in a crisis despite high-level resignations. It is now possible to report that this non-crisis has found itself at the centre of a Twitter-storm.

As is generally the case with Twitter, being retweeted by an organisation with almost 3 million followers tends to have the opposite effect to making things die down.

WikiLeaks, along with taking a shot at the little known student publication that is TCS, have taunted the Union with the following tweet: “Cambridge to hold referendum on whether to ban #Assange from talking; [Union committee] melts down [according to The Tab]; [our] response:”

Displeased by both the Cambridge Union’s press statement and TCS’ reporting of Julian Assange, WikiLeaks have wasted no time in providing Cantabs with a “Cambridge Union Statement Fact Checker”. With one especially erroneous article on the Union’s press statement in mind, WikiLeaks had five points to correct Cantabs on.

  • Citing the UK Supreme Court’s own words, they note Assange has not yet been charged – the rape allegations are (only) allegations.
  • “Assange does not ‘believe’ there is an espionage case against him, it is a fact.”
  • “Assange has not ‘refused to come to trial or indeed be questioned'” since the Swedish authorities can question him in the UK, but haven’t.
  • “Assange did not ‘flee'” because he visited (for five weeks) and then left Sweden with the prosecutor’s consent.
  • “Assange has already been cleared and the woman says the police made it up in order to ’get him’.”

In short, though the situation is messy and full of legal tripwires for certain student journos, Assange is no longer being investigated for allegations of sexual molestation and unlawful coercion. But he still faces the more serious accusation of rape. He continues to deny all the allegations.

But that’s not all.

The tweet of our article triggered a torrent that was as disturbing as it was amusing.


Yeah that article

Rixstep News took note of The Tab’s photo of Union President, Oliver Mosley, and “his favourite chair”:

In fact, Mosley is getting a lot of attention:

WikiLeaks were keen to add:

It was also pleasing to see tweeters have a low opinion of Cambridge students in general:

But lacked a sense of humour:

We better leave it there.

But, if this is a publicity stunt, it doesn’t look like a terribly enjoyable one. Resignations, twitter abuse, WikiLeaks, what next for this non-crisis?