REVIEW: Flash FM – no Flash in the pan

Last night’s Flash FM at Fez was a storming success.

You expect things to be busy during Freshers week. Town is packed with new students going out for the first (and maybe last) time before the onslaught of work hits them. You don’t expect Fez to be turning people away in their scores by 11.30pm. Flash FM was so packed we even struggled to get in, and The Tab is kind of a big deal around here.

This was at only 10pm.

When we finally got inside, the 80s music was already tearing up the dance floor. We fully embraced pretending we were characters in GTA Vice City and the patented Tab two-step was in full flow. Cardinal Sound asked to people to leave their attitudes at the door and be ready to dance, and that’s precisely what happened. Other than a few over-inebriated freshers falling over in the smoking area and spilling their drink on my shoes, there was little in the way of drama.


Hopefully this is the first of many Flash FM nights around Cambridge. It was refreshing to break away from the chart-heavy sounds of the usual clubbing centres of the city, with slick funk and groove classics interspersed with early house bangers. It turns out music, and not the Ghostbusters movie, was the best thing to come out of the 80s. Who knew?