Cindies and Life: “We Care” about Freshers

Free flip flops and phone chargers!

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In a snub to Fez, Revs and Lola’s – who clearly just don’t give a shit – Cindies and Life have want to tell freshers this: We Care.

Rather than Life removing the carpet on their walls, or Cindies recycling its Disney Greatest Hits compilation CD, the two clubs want to send a positive message that clubbing in Cambridge should be safe and accessible to all.

We Care about elephants

We Care about freshers who think onesies are edgy

A new scheme, named “We Care”, seeks to provide a taxi escort service to “vulnerable individuals”, let women put their handbags in the cloakroom for free, and provide free phone charging stations.

Additionally, the two clubs will provide flip-flops for free, for those with uncomfortable shoes.

The scheme will be operated by female Customer Care Ambassadors, who will be fully trained to “deal with vulnerable people” and address any issues that arise.

We Care about former Tab Editor-in-Chiefs

We Care about the Tab editorial team, past and present

CUSU Women’s Officer Charlotte Chorley said she hopes more clubs in Cambridge will adopt the scheme in the near future, and that she “admired” that the two clubs had begun the scheme on their own initiative.

Chorley told The Tab she is currently training student representatives (mainly Ents Officers) to be trained for the Good Night Out campaign, a national scheme that the Women’s Campaign at Cambridge supports, with the Good Night Out pledge sent to local nightclubs.

Cindies General Manager Andrew Barney said, “We Care is designed to give customers all the tools they need for a fun but safe night out.”

We Care about you, Ed

We Care about former leaders of the Labour Party

Life recently found itself in hot waters after embarrassingly setting the theme for a CUSU LGBT+ Kaleidoscope night “The Asylum”, criticised for making light of mental illness.

Leila Mani Lundie, second year Philosopher at Pembroke, told The Tab she thought it was a good idea but expressed confusion about “the flip flop initiative”.
“Maybe they should flip-flop on the flip-flops”.