Wyverns ditch jelly wrestling as Magdalene donors throw wobbly

Look forward to a jellyless garden party

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Sources within the Wyverns suggest that the infamous drinking society has ditched plans to reintroduce jelly wrestling at their annual garden party.

It is rumoured that wealthy donors threatened to revoke funding from the college unless the administration clamped down on the drinking society’s plan to reintroduce jelly wrestling, which has been described by university activists as “sexist”.

Men and women hoping to show off their wrestling skills this Sunday at the Wyverns’ annual garden party will, it is understood, no longer have the luxury of doing so in a pool of jelly.

Men at a previous garden party celebrating a woman’s right to flail around in jelly for a cash prize

The society is banned by its college, but the administration knows its leaders and had already put pressure on them to cancel the jelly wrestling.

The Gentlemen Wyverns had earlier moved to reassure their college and attendees that the event was not motivated by a desire to ogle at bikini-clad women smeared in a gelatinous concoction.

Rather, they had planned to avoid controversy by opening up the competition to both genders, and abandoning the cash prize. They hoped “in opening it to any willing contenders regardless of gender that it would act as just one of many daft, fun activities”.

Cambridge’s most banned drinking society

The Wyverns were renowned for their annual jelly wrestling event, but in 2013, a Magdalene student led a successful charge for it to be cancelled.

In May, the Wyverns drew the attention of the national press when they decided to bring it back.

Johnnie Wyvern offered to make the Tab a statement by noon today, but we are still waiting for their official response.