Destruction at Cindies as drunk crowd riots

Clubbers horrified as drunken revelers leave favourite food chain in ruin

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Armed police called to the scene as chaos erupts at everyone’s favourite Tuesday night.

The massive queue to Tuesday Cindies took a turn for the worse early in the night when the the window of Eat was savagely smashed.  A student was cut by glass as the frenzied crowd went out of control and armed police were called to the scene.

Unimpressed Tab editors

Unimpressed Tab editors

Following the damage, the bouncers put up security railings and channeled people to the front gate.

But the high volume of people meant students who had already been in the queue jump area became squashed.

When security put up railings, people frustrated by queuing times started pushing against them. The situation quickly spiralled out of control as students clashed with bouncers.

The scene outside Cindies

The mob outside Cindies

Alex, first year Bio NatSci at Pembroke, said: “it was awful. There were loads of us squashing each other trying to get in. At about 11.15 they just stopped letting people in.”

Several students were moved on as club representatives said the police had told them to refuse any more students entry to the club, which was already at capacity.

I smell bacon

Armed and ready to defend overpriced food

Cambridge’s notorious reputation as a violent hotbed of prosecco-fuelled disorderly behaviour was confirmed as the police presence was stepped up.

At the scene, Tab editor James Wells asked a particularly authoritative looking policeman “do you have a taser?” to which he responded that he was in fact armed.  The Cambridge Constabulary said that while the gun-wielding policeman “was not deployed because of his firearms capability”, armed officers do in fact perform routine patrols in the area.

The policeman told senior Tab journalists: “if you stay here any longer, you’ll be in the back of my car.”

Pacifist organisation The Cambridge University Russell Society questioned whether “a gun is ever the most appropriate use of arms”, and asked whether a taser would not have made more sense.

Is that a pistol or are you just really pleased to see me?

Cambridge’s nightlife: not so tame anymore

Cambridge Police said to The Tab that the damage was treated as accidental, due to the volume of people, rather than criminal.

Eat says that a similar incident took place last year, after a fight broke out at Cindies.

Supervisor Dani Pirola and her colleagues estimated the cost of a new window to be £20,000.