Red-faced Wyverns explain themselves over sexism scandal

Apparently it’s just optional, harmless fun

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After causing a scandal that made it into the National Press, Magdalene’s notorious drinking society have now offered an explanation for reintroducing Jelly Wrestling to their Garden Party.

The decision to run the Gelatine-based activity, condemned in 2013 as a sexist excuse to see women wrestle without many clothes on, has led to the throwing of many wobblies online.

Don’t you just love it when the Mail calls things ‘sexist, misogynistic and inappropriate’?

Writing through their fictitious, cow-loving Facebook personality, Johnnie Wyvern, the society made its excuses:

“We regret that some have been offended by our decision to bring back jelly wrestling. We had hoped that in opening it to any willing contenders regardless of gender that it would act as just one of many daft, fun activities.”

They have promised to remove the cash prize in an attempt “to ensure that nobody feels the need to go against their better judgement and compromise on any of their principles for financial gain.”

Well. That’s okay then.

Regarding feminist criticism, the Wyvern’s attempt to prove they do in fact belong in the 21st Century looked something like this:

“Some believe that feminism means that women should have the freedom to make their own decision with regards to participating, whilst others have commented that it is degrading, potentially damaging to the mental health and body images of women, and thus is incompatible with feminism.

“Our decision will naturally be viewed through the prism of feminism and sexism, however we do not feel it is our place to wade in and argue that feminism justifies or condemns our choice. We merely wished to provide all party-goers the additional option of participating in what we hope will be a fun and entirely optional activity.”

Wyvern’s kept the pool in 2013, dealing with criticism in a mature way

But the defence of Jelly Wrestling is far from solid, and the issue is certainly a gloopy one. Charlotte Chorley, incoming CUSU women’s officer, tells The Tab:

“I think it’s shady that, completely aware of the historical misogyny, sexism and opposition to the jelly wrestling, the Wyverns have decided to bring it back – especially under the guise of free choice and consent.

“If the fact that the society has been banned by Magdalene College isn’t representative of their character and activity, then their decision to bring back something that was, and is, so antagonistic is certainly a little bit suspect. There should, of course, be no judgement on those who choose to take part, however.”

Regardless of criticism, the Wyverns Garden Party will continue, Jelly Wrestling and all, on the 14th of June.