Now there’s NO excuse: Past papers return

And there’s no one left to blame

Cambridge University Exams Student

The past exam papers are back online so now there’s no excuse. 

You might remember from last week there was upraw after the online practice papers were taken offline in peak exam season.

But now they’re back and a university spokesperson has said that it wasn’t to do with a funding problem, but to do with a “technical problem”. All departments’ past papers have now been reinstated to the site.

A university spokesperson said to Varsity: “The site has not been taken down. Following reports from users that they were experiencing issues with access to the site the matter was investigated.

“There was a technical problem on the server which has been resolved.”

Both CUSU and the campaign group Whose University? expressed intent to create a complete catalogue accessible for all those affected.

Reported by Varsity, a representative of Whose University? said: “It’s really important in situations like this to show departments that you don’t need money to share resources like this – we are doing it for free and proving there is an alternative”

But there’s no need to panic anymore as the past papers have been re-uploaded to the site, which can be accessed via CamTools.

No more procrastinating.