Going out in Exam Term: It is possible

It’s not healthy, it’s not wise, but it’s the right decision.

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Going out in Exam Term is an art.

It’s not an art many practice, like Mahakala art, practiced solely in the mountains of the Himalayas. But, it can be done.

Not convinced? Keep reading…

She knows.


1. You’ll spend plenty of time dancing around to Prince in your undies when you’re in your room, don’t deny it, those hips don’t lie. If you stay in you might sit and cry to the soundtrack of Titanic. At least in Cindies you can do this (with slightly more clothes on) with the excuse of being drunk.

2. You could meet someone new. Revising is all about going over the same old stuff. Why not get caught in a bizarre conversation with someone you barely know about the importance of travelling while you’re young. Apparently they want to find themself. Luckily, you’ve found them, in the smoking area, drunk off their face. Well, it’s a start.

New friends.


3. “The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it” – Oscar Wilde. That guy knew what he was talking about. He did well in his degree. Follow his example.

4. Time flies when you’re having fun. Here, time just flies. There are only a few more opportunities to see the poshest people you may ever come across getting drunk. Nightlife in Cambridge is rampant sexual energy, it’s really bad dancing, it’s some guy taking off his tie and swinging it around his head. Just, wow. Get a look while you can.



5. When Titanic you can finally indulge in some classic, almost serene, elaborated dance moves that only feel right at a certain point in the night. Soft, delicate movements, surrounded by strangers and completely over-heated, it’s basically hot yoga. But hot yoga, let alone regular yoga, can be embarrassing. This way, you’re drunk and therefore are completely uninhibited, arguably too uninhibited, while you get the best workout of your life.

Drunk or just asleep?


6. Once you are back, drink water like you have just run a marathon. You could throw it over yourself for dramatic effect. Have fun with the water. If you went to Life you probably got so sweaty that you were just as moist before throwing water around as after. Grim.

7. Choose the club wisely. Always go to Cindies. Avoid the incredible heat of the underworld that is Life. Who even remembers Fez anyway? This year it’s been all about Tuesday Cindies. No one knows why but Wednesday’s are dead. This won’t be changing next week as Tab hosts the first Cindies of term.

Third from the left.


Come along to experience all of the above, and more. A pretty shameless plug for a pretty shameless night.

See you there, bring the tie.