Cambridge lose Goat Race for the first time in history

You’ve goat to be joking?

Cambridge Goat goat race Oxford Cambridge Goat Race Spitalfields Farm

Oxford completed their hat trick of sporting victories this weekend winning the prestigious Varsity Goat Race, as well as both the Men’s and Women’s Boat Race.  

Hamish the goat ended Cambridge’s six year winning streak, finishing the course a whole goat length ahead of his opponent.

Smug bastard…

While the competitors were beard and beard for most of the race, Hamish pulled ahead at the last moment.

However, the result was shrouded in controversy as Oxford’s coat fell off before the finish line.

Race officials agreed that Oxford’s win was still valid, although Cambridge are demanding an external review from the British Goat Racing League (BGRL).

The Trophy Room.

Cambridge’s Hugo was devastated: “I’m simply baaaafled that the officials let this slide”.

In a show of good sportsmanship Hamish agreed to share his vegetable trophy with Hugo, which they promptly ate after the race.

To the victor belong the spoils.

Medwards Fresher Mini Smith was distraught with the result: “I don’t really care when Cambridge’s humans lose, but when we’re talking about our goats we know we have to up our game”.

There was also a Shoat Race (a race of baby pigs) and a Coat Race in the run up to the main punny event.

While Cambridge’s pig won, no-one knows who won the Coat Race as it was just random people unaffiliated with either university running around in coats.

The sell out event saw 1200 people attend and raised £10,000 for Spitalfields Farm.