Cambridge named Britain’s ‘most reputable’ Uni

It’s all about the gowns…

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In a shocking turn of events, data from the Times Higher Education ‘Reputation Rankings’ names one of Britain’s oldest, poshest and richest Universities its most reputable, beaten only by Harvard globally.

Up yours Oxford.

Throughout the year, The Times invited tens of thousands of crusty academics to give their opinions on which University was the Biggest Name on Globe: their oh-so-relevant prejudices were compiled into a score out of 100. We got 83.4. Oxford got 80.4. So proud.

such excite…much happiness #GDBO

Cambridge is more of a BNOG than last year, when it only scored 73.4 and was ranked 4th. It’s probably been in a couple of big-budget ADC productions and written a couple of articles in The Tab since (ha. We wish).

There were a few other UK Unis in the global top 50: Imperial (14th), UCL (17th), Edinburgh (29th), King’s College London (31st) and Manchester (50th). You may have noticed that 3 of these are from London. That’s because they are.

Concerns have begun to arise among the chronically unobservant about an alleged bias towards The South, and the ‘Golden Triangle’ (London, Oxford and Cambridge) massively overshadowing Northern Universities.

Phil Baty, editor of the Times Higher Education and Government Minister of the Bloody Obvious is reported to have said “it must be of concern for the many English regions that our top institutions are concentrated in London and the South East.”

However, if we look beyond The Times, the Southern prominence is far less pronounced. In both the Guardian and the ‘The Complete University Guide’, places like Durham and St. Andrews also show up. Bloody Liberals.

I understand the irony in this…

Seems The Times weighs research and employment far higher than student satisfaction, because fuck students. It’s not their university.

If you’re after a career, a reputation and the chance to wear silly clothes, come to Cambridge.

We’re number one. Sort of.