Downing Site: Street Style

We have a peek at Downing dress

The Downing Site with its oppressive brick buildings and dark muted colours, does not have the most inspiring vibe.

We went to see what people what the style was like.

Silvane, a Psychology student from Johns was wearing a beautiful coat which she teamed with some wonderful coordinated pattern leggings for a muted but stylish look.

Silvane with this strong coat/leggings combo

Michael, an HSPS student from Downing was also on game, and probably warm, in his stylish grey coat with hinted purple detail.

Simple style with this grey jacket

While most of the style seemed to be very neutral in tone there were hints of colour to be found.

Lydia, a vet from Johns, brightens things up with this red coat

Strong scarf game from Jeremy PhD candidate at Clare

Jeremy wasn’t the only one who went for adding a splash of colour with a statement scarf.

Justina, a Soc Anth Student at Johns was on form with this double leather boot-jacket combo

But someone wasn’t bothered by the cold….

Shivering so much it’s blurry


Overall at the Downing Site, the style was on point but not overly colourful and at times a tad austere – a bit like the site itself.