AMES ‘shittest department in Cambridge’ as survey reveals rampant Uni-wide discontent

And it doesn’t stop there

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This news will surely stiffen the resolve and warm the hearts of ‘Whose University?’ supporters.

Unduly pressurised and even overwhelmed by the workload, Cambridge finalists have offered a far from positive verdict in their responses to the 2014 National Student Survey.

Compared to 66 per cent nationally, only 38 per cent agreed that their course “does not apply unnecessary pressure”.


While some courses received generous praise, students sitting a number of triposes thought the education received astonishingly poor.

Those in the Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (AMES) returned a significantly lower overall satisfaction rate of 55%, a far cry from the perfect scores given to six Triposes (Education, Chemical Engineering, Biological and Biomedical Sciences, Geological Sciences, Genetics and Zoology).

Also far wide of the overall university average of 93%, teaching quality in AMES received a score of 75%.

One Arabic student did not hold back in her criticism, citing the “crazy” quantity of classwork and slamming AMES as the “shittest department in Cambridge.”

AMES in all its glory – you can tell it has problems

Some bloke from CUSU was eager to lend a consoling hand, telling TCS that “if students feel overwhelmed and need advice, they should know that CUSU will do its very best to support them.”

Not, of course, that anything will come of such words.

For Cambridge’s staggering indifference towards its students’ union was also laid bare in the survey, with only 37% satisfied with the thing.

Indeed, if it was doing its job, there’d surely be no ‘Whose University?’ – a real incentive, perhaps, for CUSU (and AMES) to get its act together?