Press for Pitt and their peanuts

Georgina Hammerton: Week One

The Pitt Club is trialling women by inviting them to luncheon for the next three weeks.

This is all to do with considering female membership. Actually a lot less boring than you would think.

My first thought was that it seems rather patronising to trial women at lunch to decide whether they are fit for the top notch company of those in or at Pitt. How on earth could you fail a trial based on your sex anyway? Are they expecting someone to give birth all over their plush velvet sofas, proving that the female sex is both bloody and dangerous?

Let me in


Then I realised I didn’t care that much and then I thought about it like a more rational human. God, I hate the way my female irrationality sometimes takes over my thoughts.


I must be on my period.

The concept put forward is actually very fair. It points out that allowing female members would change the atmosphere of Pitt – something which needs to be thought about and decided upon by paying members, both past and present. The trouble is how can they keep their club contemporary and relevant when they are governed by a bunch of fossils? Any move towards female membership is bound to be slow moving.

The daily struggle to prevent extinction.


Allowing women to join would be a good way to keep up in a politically liberal world. However, just because the club has historically benefitted due to the shitting patriarchy doesn’t mean it can’t now have evolved and transformed into a modern, liberal institution.

It can be all male and still not be sexist. There is really nothing barbaric or massively wrong about the building of a community based on the love for your own penis. The issue at hand with an all male club is that it can often slide into chatting sexist shit and engaging in a bravado contest to prove yourself due to the fact you have a peanut dick.

Let’s not mix our nuts.


So in general no – I don’t care if Pitt is all male. It would probably be more fun for them if there were members of both sexes. There is nothing like a bit of variation of the crotch variety. Also clinging on to tradition often only hits the nails into the coffin even more quickly, so it probably is the most realistic and intelligent move to include women for the survival of the club.

I feel sorry for the guys in the Pitt to a limited extent. They have to deal with both historical pressures to protect tradition and the ethos of the club in conjunction with trying to avoid being accused of being a misogynist fuckwit, which I don’t think the majority of them are.

What they are doing is both interesting and thoughtful, whilst only verging on being condescending.