Tab Meets: Booby

ANDREW TRUELOVE talks to the Footlights behind this new sketch show.


Booby is a sketch show by Footlights’ Archie Henderson, Adrian Gray and Oliver Taylor.  The highly anticipated show begins this Thursday, so, The Tab sent me along to speak to the boys and see what we can look forward to in this week’s performance of Booby…

Hey there you guys!

ARCHIE: It’s good to be here!

ADRIAN: Nice to meet you!

OLIVER: How’s it going?

I noticed that their handshakes were limp.

How excited are you about the show?

ARCHIE: We’re really confident.

OLIVER: It’s the biggest thing we’ve done and we really can’t wait.

These guys simply smelt of success. They also smelt quite bad generally, and can’t have showered for days. Maybe it was all those late night rehearsals! But seriously guys, find the time.


Well, my name is Andrew. Thanks for asking.

ARCHIE: Yeah, you said when we came in-

And these are my associates, Margaret and Nick.

ADRIAN: …There’s no one there.

They’re both imaginary.

As comedians I had expected them to be able to think on their feet.

Say hello to them.

OLIVER: Err, hello Margaret, hello Nick.


OLIVER: You did initially say Nick.

Their names are as changeable as my moods.

I have to say, I was expecting more from them. But, it’s important not to judge too soon, and I was more than happy to give these guys a chance to redeem themselves after the first bit of interview jitters had worn off!

Let’s do some roleplay. Adrian- you’re a lost Japanese tourist and I’m a stranger. Go.

ADRIAN: Umm, well… could I borrow your phone please?

Who said I have phone?

ADRIAN: Well I just thought-

We didn’t agree on that.


Shall we start again since you ruined it?


Oliver- I’m a doctor and you’re a man who’s worried his wife is cheating on him.

OLIVER: How are those things connected?

Just go.

OLIVER: Ummm, hello there Doctor.

Yin dee têe dâi róo jàk

OLIVER: … what?

The doctor only speaks Thai.

OLIVER: Right, well I can’t speak Thai.

I was actually pretty shocked that Oliver had broken character like this. I thought I’d close up the interview with a few more simple questions…

How many roads must a man walk down before you can call him a man?

ADRIAN: I’m sorry, what?

What would you do if I sang out of tune, would you stand up and walk out on me?

ARCHIE: …No? Why-

They tried to make me go to rehab, but I say, no, no, no…

OLIVER: That’s not a question-

ADRIAN: Look, to be honest, you’re being very rude-


The boys had angered me, and in my fury I had leant on the caps lock key.

ARCHIE: Look, can we leave please?

OLIVER: *crying noises*


I had grown bored of the boys and decided to cut their bindings and let them leave the shed with their dignity intact.

All in all it sounds like another winner from these brilliant and likeable comedians. Booby runs from Thursday the 27th to Saturday the 29th of November at 11pm at the ADC theatre. You can get tickets here: I’ve got mine! And Archie’s ring finger!