Tab Meets: Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show

MATILDA WATERS catches up with the brains behind The Cambridge University Charity Fashion Show (CUCFS)

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So, give me the facts.

It’s on the 13th February at the Guildhall, in the very central Market Square. It’s a beautiful setting, and we’re using two of the big halls, with a capacity of over 400.

Where did the idea originate?

Victoria: We were both in the middle of procrastination in exam term last year-

Millie: -we wanted to take our mind off Classics-

Victoria: -in Crepe Affair one day we were talking about the fashion show at Durham, and we thought, why doesn’t Cambridge have one?

Millie: It just doesn’t exist in Cambridge, and with the two of us together we can actually do this. At other unis it’s such a big event, loads of people get involved.

They think they know fashion, well fashion’s a stranger.

Is fashion something you guys have been into for a while?

Victoria: Ironically, not at all for me! I just like organising things and bringing together a team.

Millie: People hear ‘fashion’ and think it’s a niche little group when it really shouldn’t be.

Victoria: Fashion is about what you wear, and we all wear clothes.

Wise words. Are you having ents and music etc. off the runway?

Victoria: Absolutely yes. The whole point is that it is not all about fashion. Although the focus is on different types of fashion, the second half will be showcasing music, dance and art.

All Cambridge based?

Millie: Yup. Our big focus is on getting as many societies involved and the biggest range of students we can.

Victoria: It’s great because for one night only all these separate societies come together.

Millie: The variety of talent in Cambridge is staggering and we just want to celebrate that.

You think fashion’s your friend, my friend fashion is danger.

Do you think the event will become annual?

Millie: We really hope so. It is for such a good cause. It’s in support of a charity called Cambridge House, founded in 1889 by Cambridge students. They are a fantastic charity, providing a whole range of services to support the local community with a big emphasis on education, which means a lot to us.

Victoria: It’s their 125th anniversary coming up, so it’s such a good way to celebrate this.

How raunchy is the show going to be?

Victoria: There will be no lingerie or nudity of any sort in the show, that’s just a decision we’ve made.

Millie: We’re not looking to be provocative, we want to get people talking about the clothes!

Moscow, Berlin, Paris, London, Tokyo, Wellington, Rome, Geneva, New York City, N-N-N-N-N-New York City .

What should we look out for in the coming weeks?

Photo shoots are coming out this term, modelling auditions for the runway are coming up very soon, as well as ents auditions, and our LAUNCH PARTY tickets are going on sale shortly, which is in a very exciting location that the students don’t really know about. Check out our new website too!

Clearly this is going to be THE event of Lent term. GET EXCITED PEOPLE.