Cambridge sports needs to change

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The Cambridge sporting community has rallied together in a bid to push through the 15 recommendations of an independently conducted review about the way sport is structured and practiced at the university, with a vote due to take place in November at Regent House.

The petition, started by members of The Blue Bird, has already amassed more than 500 signatures but needs as many as possible to make a real impact.

Definitely not oar-some

Passing the recommendations would make Cambridge more oar-some

Whether you do or do not play sport, it is imperative that the recommendations are passed in order to ensure the wider success of the university; the Cambridge brand is affected by performance in high profile sporting events and there is no reason why the university should not aim to be the pre-eminent institution both on and off the field.

Whilst everybody agrees that maintaining the academic excellence of the university should remain its priority, improving the facilities and services offered to those who play sport should not be seen as compromising this objective.


Some of the university’s top teams do not have enough professional coaches

I, like all of my team mates and friends who represent Cambridge, take immense pride in doing so – but this should not be seen as something relevant only to a smaller section of Cambridge students; it is something that aims to improve the university experience for current and prospective students.

A wholesome activity for ladies

Wednesdays off would also be nice…

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