Rocky Horror: The Ultimate Fancy Dress Guide

Struggling to think of an outfit for Halloween this year? Look no further – The Tab presents you with the ultimate Rocky Horror inspired costume guide

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Arcsoc’s ‘Rocky Horror’ event at the union is definitely  one of the places to be this Halloween.

Its fancy dress theme allows for a lot of versatility, especially for the gentlemen.

Even if you aren’t hitting the Arcsoc party, the 70s cult classic ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ is a safe source of inspiration for all generic fancy dress parties. There are a wide variety of outfits to choose from – here are some of the best:



In my opinion Susan Sarandon’s funniest and possibly best screen turn, dressing up as the innocent 70s fiancée later to be corrupted, is an easy option for Rocky Horror.

If you have something staid and 1970s then this is the way to go.

If feeling a little more adventurous, the character spends a significant chunk of the film in her nightie, but then again, this is a party in October so watch for the chill.


An easy way to repurpose a possibly pre-existing costume, this deranged maid is also a good bet for a costume.

The biggest problem is usually the big curly red hair a la Rihanna. Some pale make up and striking red lipstick, et voila.



The sheer volume of sequins in the outfit make it a tricky one to master.

The shiny gold top hat and cane are not the kind of pieces one is likely to stumble across in a charity shop either.

But the effect is impressive, and if you end up the kind of Rocky Horror fan that goes to several fancy dress cult viewings a year (they exist), then it might be worth the investment.



This character’s level of boring is the reason Janet ends up with other people (plural) in the film, and it’s reflected in the fancy dress.

Shirt, blue sweater vest and a brown jacket leave the squared glasses the most interesting feature

To spice it up, it’s possible to go for the scene where he’s just in his glasses, a turquoise dressing gown and his tighty-whiteys.


If you’re dying to show off your perfect body, or you just have a lot of body confidence, then this is the one for you.

This hunky man-cum-artificially-created-sex-toy doesn’t wear much in the film.

All you really need is a pair of gold hot pants. Fake tan and a blond pudding bowl wig make the outfit complete, but aren’t necessary.

People will understand your intention nonetheless.



Throw on your jeans and a leather jacket, and this ‘I own a motorcycle’ character played by Meatloaf becomes easy to emulate.

Complete with a small linear red wound on the forehead, and boom.

The leopard print lapels on the jacket may be tricky to emulate, but you don’t need to get it spot on.


There are multiple outfits worn by this sweet transvestite, but the suspenders, heels, leather hot pants and leather and lace corset has to be the signature look from the film.

The all black outfit should be matched with a big black wig to make it really great. The make up is not too tricky; just pale skin with dramatic lipstick and eyeshadow.

This outfit could actually turn out easier for girls, as properly sized heels are more accessible.

But, done properly by a guy, this is the ultimate Rocky Horror outfit.


And there you have it. A selection of great-to-look-at but-easy-to-achieve costumes to inspire you in time for Halloween. GO BIG. 

Illustrations by Sophie Naddell