Beauty Spots

EMILY MARR is blown away by a one-night stand of epic proportion

Comedy one night sensational what is happening to cambridge theatre yet another five star review

Beauty Spots is probably the best student comedy performance I have ever seen.

My god, it was good.

Orlando Gibbs and Jamie Armitage took a half hour slot each to showcase their stand-up, and both acts were a genuine pleasure to watch.

Armitage is clearly a very talented performer; we had mime (a lot of mime), a clown nose, a sparkly jacket and more energy than a fresher going to Cindies for the first time.

It sounds corny and shit, but Armitage really delivered, combining just the right amount of flamboyancy and self-deprecation.

He really went for the all guns blazing, acting-because-did-you-know-I-can-ACT approach to stand-up, and it was incredibly entertaining.

Gibbs, on the other hand, went for a more conversational, and indeed more cynical approach (or in other words, a more British one.)

Orlando Gibbs was simply sensational. Remember JJ, from the second generation of Skins? Charming, awkward JJ, whom we couldn’t help but love? Well Gibbs is more eloquent, funnier (and sports far better hair) than his Skins counterpart, but, like JJ, is a pinnacle of hope for all of us, who would rather forget our years at secondary school.

Not only was he fantastically funny, but also honest, and his performance was both moving and entertaining.

Gibbs is also a fantastic musician. Whilst the keyboard interludes were reminiscent of a children’s party (one of those awful ones with a creepy clown who commands you to do weird shit) and the lyrics sounded like the result of a horrendously alcoholic dinner party attended by both Lily Allen and Flanders and Swan, the angst-charged numbers were bloody good.

Another strength of the show was the stellar use of verse throughout, which was employed in both speech and song. Both acts were made vastly more enjoyable – and indeed more impressive – by their witty rhymes and quips, and the lilting poetry of the performers gave the whole thing a sense of unplanned fluidity.

Having rambled on and on about the strengths of the show, but what are its low points? Well, its one-night-only status for one thing, and apart from that I literally can’t fault this show.

Orlando, Jamie; if you’re reading this, I say to you ENCORE!