Stephen Hawking to appear in Pink Floyd album

Professor Stephen Hawking is set to appear on Pink Floyd’s final album, “The Endless River”

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Pink Floyd’s first album to be released in twenty years is their second to use Hawking’s voice in a song.

The track, “Talkin’ Hawkin’”, will include part of the 72-year-old’s voiceover from a 1994 BT television advert, which also featured in their last album “The Division Bell”.

Frontman David Gilmour claims that the phone commercial, in which BT urges viewers to “make sure we keep talking” to help save the world, was so moving it almost made him weep.

Professor Hawking enjoying a lighter moment

Speaking on the radio, Gilmour declared it was “the most powerful piece of television advertising (he’d) ever seen”.

It was this inspiration which led to Hawking’s first appearance in the band’s 1994 track “Keep Talking” – just one among many of the physicist’s star turns, which also include roles in TV shows The Simpsons, Futurama and Star Trek.

The pinnacle of Hawking’s career

Hawking, whose seen Pink Floyd perform live, has a fan base extending well beyond physicists; from the lads mag “Nuts” who named him “British bloke of the Year” in 2011 to King’s fresher, Milan, who describes him as “a cool guy”.

Gilmour claims that the album, to be released on November 10th, and ironically entitled “The Endless River,” is in fact the end for the band.

Although Hawking prefers classical music, we’re sure he’ll give it a listen.