Post Exams Freedom Playlist

LEAF ARBUTHNOT provides the perfect ambiance to emerge into the real world post-exams.

Andre 3000 ASAP Mob B.o.B baths Cam'ron Caribou Da Deputy Dipshits eminem future lil wayne

So that’s that. For many of you, the exams are done. For those who have not finished and freedom remains an unknown quantity, my sincerest apologies. 

You’ve spent weeks highlighting, listing, timetabling; you’ve written till your fingers bubble, till the skin on your hand glistens from constantly polishing lined paper. And now you’re meant to “relax”. It’s surprisingly challenging – monastic sleep patterns must be broken, notes kissed and heaved into skips, parents reassured that the exams were less a car-crash than a gentle tumble down a meadow. Perhaps the hardest adjustment of all is the need to confront a life suddenly shorn of urgency. Days must be filled with fun, not work, the fattened hours populated with friends, picnics, job hunts, callipos.

Having not listened to any music for months (save Eminem and Billy Holiday) I’ve spent the last two days getting up to speed. Here are my favourite downloads. Most are hip-hoppy, many embarrassingly old, most quite rude.

Da Deputy ft Black Cobain – L.C. Pt 2

A$AP Mob – Xscape ft. A$AP Twelvyy

Future ft Andre 3000 – Benz Frienz

Baths – Orator

Vic Mensa – Down on my luck

Caribou – Can’t Do Without You

Cam’ron & A-Track – Dipshits

 Lil Wayne ft Drake – Believe Me

B.o.B – High As Hell ft Wiz Khalifa

Eminem – Cleanin’ Out my Closet

Eminem – Headlights

Now, go grab a shandy and make your way to some traditional Cambridge environs and sip as you have yearned to do for so long.