Feminist Playlist

JULIE HUTCHINSON provides the perfect playlist to accompany any feminist activity.

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Ladies of Cambridge and beyond, this is the 21st century. After being oppressed since the dawn of time for literally everything imaginable (because it’s evolutionary, our brains are too small, our cognitive abilities are limited to sex and cooking, etc.), we’ve finally shown The Patriarchy what we are capable of.  We’ve danced every dance like Frank Sinatra – but in high heels and backwards.

I don’t need a man – Pussycat Dolls

Especially true for the ladies of Cambridge, no man needs to tell you how to do your ‘thing’. Considering society’s consistent subconscious gender discriminating (accounting for the scarcity of females in academia), nobody – especially no man – can take away what you have accomplished. ‘You get up being free’.

I’m Every Woman – Chaka Khan

Every woman has her own unique goodness – all over the world, we should be able to rejoice our intuition, power, sexuality and independence. In her own way, every woman in the world is able to love her partner, “read [his] thoughts”, “cast a secret spell” and “put a fire inside” that he’ll never extinguish (PS: Ann Summers is on sale…).

Respect – Aretha Franklin

Take note gentlemen, this classy lady has something to tell you: respect is not optional. We expect respect in the small things in anything ranging from good manners (i.e. “hot bitch” is not a compliment) to personal choices (if sex is not on the cards tonight, don’t be a dick about it). In a world where abuse continues widespread, it is fundamental that R-E-S-P-E-C-T is never underestimated.

Fugazi – Suggestion

“What was she wearing?” is the only question that turns the victim into the culprit. Fugazi outlines society’s most fundamental cancers: passivity and hypocrisy concerning sexual abuse. No matter her demeanour and outfit, she did nothing to deserve it and yet, we keep quiet and “play the roles they assigned us”. We blame her for being there, but we are here, watching and condemning. We are all guilty.

Kool Thing – Sonic Youth

“I just wanna know, what are you going to do for me?

I mean, are you gonna liberate us girls

From male white corporate oppression?”

Prostitution has escalated from simply cashing in sex: nowadays, women are objectified in every single arena, be it the media (hi, Robin Thicke!) and beyond. When sex becomes money, the values of the corporate world transcend into our own realities. “Hey you’re pretty… do you shave?” None of your business.

Adore You – Miley Cyrus

Controversial as she is, Miley’s Adore You encapsulates the intensity and complexity of female sexuality. The fear, vulnerability and raw desire that pulsates our veins isn’t necessarily a purely emotional experience: women seek and appreciate sexual connections as much as men do. “God knew exactly what he was doing when he led me to you” – the female body is not a sin.

Listen, and emancipate yourselves.