Wyverns in Oxford Rape Row

Magdalene’s infamous drinking society, the Wyverns, are under police investigation for allegedly chanting about rape in Oxford city centre.

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Following last year’s accusations of sexism, Magdalene College’s male drinking society the Wyverns, are once again mired in claims that it is a misogynistic society.

A shocking video shot on the afternoon of May 10 shows uniformed members of the Wyverns walking through Oxford city centre, with out of shot members allegedly chanting about “rape,” a girl being “too young” and “fifteen-year-old.”

Uploaded by a current Oxford student, the video description states that it depicts “A group of 20 or so young men (possibly part of some university society) walking through Oxford singing about rape… filmed by a friend who confronted them about it.”

The video was posted on the Facebook page of Oxford’s feminist magazine Cuntry Living. Its members identified the Wyverns through their “Wyverns’ Garden Party 2013” jackets and distinctive black and white caps.

Witnesses at Oxford claim to have seen the group pass through High Street, Cornmarket Street, and Walton Street, with others suggesting that the incident involved drunken Wyverns celebrating a stag do. Several users pointed out that the men seen in the video did not participate in the behaviour, and that out of shot members of the society were responsible.

Speculation on the “Cuntry Living” Facebook page

The official spokesman for the drinking society, “Johnnie Wyvern,” took to Facebook to categorically deny allegations that current members of the Wyverns were responsible. We have identified current students at Cambridge in the video, although none of them are clearly participating in the chanting. This is reminiscent of the carnage caused by old boys on C Sunday.

A statement published on May 11, reads “The Wyverns would like to condemn the actions of those seen acting inappropriately in Oxford this weekend.

“This was NOT a Wyvern organised event and the video shows no current student to be taking part in the disgraceful chants.

“We find the behaviour seen in the video appalling and hope those who are involved are made to apologise.”

Following national coverage of the incident this morning, the Wyverns reiterated their claim at approximately 9AM today, repeating “It was NOT a Wyvern organised event.”

A spokesperson from Cambridge University said: “If indeed these students were from Cambridge, their behaviour is deplorable. The colleges and university will be investigating.”

A 22 year old student at St Hilda’s College Oxford, who witnessed the chanting, described it as ‘intimidating’ and ‘threatening’. She has since submitted a report to Thames Valley Police on Sunday, and preliminary investigations are understood to be under way.

Did you witness the incident? Do you have any more details about the event? Contact [email protected]