Blues Cricketers Smashing It

Our Blues cricketers driven to early victories by desire for revenge after last year’s Varsity defeats.

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The Blues cricketers seem to have finally hit their stride after a fitful opening series of fixtures, recording an emphatic victory over the Duke of Norfolk XI last weekend.

Cricket embodies the spirit of exam term like no other activity. Throughout the winter months, libraries and cricket grounds alike remain undisturbed, noble havens of tranquillity. Sporting attention is accorded to other more vulgar ball-chasing pursuits, or inefficient yet highly competitive forms of aquatic transportation. Cricket is as far from the mind’s eye as the prospect of finals, but it is just as inevitable. Then, like a bowler steadying himself before another assault on the wicket; Easter term begins, revision lectures ensue, and the sense of anticipation builds.

The best form of procrastination

Much like the legions of panicked freshers strewn across Cambridge libraries, the Cricket Blues have had a thoroughly mixed start to their term. Their first game, with Wylie leading the team in the absence of skipper Tom Elliott, saw them fall to a 5-wicket defeat at Hampstead; whilst their maiden defence of the Fenners turf saw them narrowly lose out by 25 runs to a Cambs county side, despite a spectacular century by Nipuna Senaratne.

Captain Elliott returned to lead the side against Teddington on April 19th, where some impressive individual performances made up for a disappointing 7-wicket defeat. Sadler took 3-36 in his ten overs, while Senaratne continued to show impressive form, falling at just 19 runs short of a second consecutive century.

The Blues

After this fitful start to the season, elegantly reflecting the hesitant approach to revision displayed by so many Caesarian Sunday revellers, the Blues finally appeared to find winning form in a conclusive victory over the Quidnuncs, an Old Boys’ side. Jamie Abbott hit an unbeaten century in a sparkling display at Fenners, whilst Alasdair Pollock replicated his MCCU bowling form to dispatch four crest-fallen Quidnuncs from the field of play.

The Blues appeared to finally hit their stride with this first win, and followed it up with a convincing victory at Arundel last weekend, seeing off the Duke of Norfolk’s XI by seven wickets, Tom Elliott seeing his side to victory with an aggressive 36 not out. Aggressive bowling performances by Ruari Crichard and Paddy Sadler were complemented by excellent team strength in the field, and should stand the team in good stead as they prepare for the all-important Varsity matches, starting with the T20 fixture in Oxford on 23rd May.

Smashing it

Last year’s disappointing series of Varsity defeats, perhaps reminiscent of the painful form displayed by England of late, will stoke the Blues desire for revenge against the old enemy, led this year by former Light Blue Augustus Kennedy. Captain Elliott told the Tab:  “We’ll go into the game confident after being in a very strong position last year before rain interfered. In the meantime we have some big games against high quality sides, like the Australian Universities XI who have test match pedigree within their ranks. The Varsity Match at Lords also promises to be an excellent day out and one we’re all looking forward to.”