Oh Doctor! Medwards student medic crowned Miss Cambridgeshire

Carina Tyrrell has won the title of Miss Cambridgeshire and will compete in the Miss England final.

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Murray Edwards beauty Carina Tyrrell was named Miss Cambridgeshire last weekend and now she is targeting national dominance as she bids to become Miss England.

The 24-year-old medical student claimed the regional award after the leggy brunette swapped her scrubs for satin to be voted as our local leading lady on Sunday afternoon.

Tyrrell, who is in her fifth year at Cambridge, balancing modelling commitments with shifts at Addenbrookes Hospital, believes that the recognition represents her way of returning something prestigious to the city and university that has given her so much.

Murray Edwards Medic-cum-future Miss Cambridgeshire?

The victorious Miss Cambridgeshire

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” she enthused, “This is the last year I could take part in the contest and Cambridge means so much to me I really want to give something back.

“Maybe if I can do well in Miss England I will be able to do that. I think Cambridge has given me so much, from the hospital to the university.

“My desire to help those in need is very strong and this is reflected in my training to become a doctor.”

The Tab, of course, has backed Cambridge Carina all the way and in an interview prior to the competition last weekend, she rejected the commonly-held view that modelling is a shallow and artificial world where young women are judged only on the way they look.

Tab favourite from the off

Tab favourite from the off

“Miss has to be a well-rounded person,” Carina reveals, speaking to The Tab, “She must have both inner and outer beauty. The judges assess these by interviewing the contestants as well as seeing their outer beauty.

“Wanting to help others by, for example, raising money for ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, is also an important part of being a Miss.

“I hope that my participation and background will also help to show that it is not all about ‘physical attributes’.”

She will now go on to take part in the Miss England final in Torquay in June and should she emerge triumphant once more, Carina will then represent her country in the Miss World pageant.


With Cambridge conquered, does the world beckon?

She added: “It would mean so much to me to win Miss England, as I want to give so much back to the country.

“Most of my fellow doctors are really supportive but a few were a bit perplexed. And my boyfriend is really excited.”

Yes, there’s a boyfriend…