Elly Booth – I take it back: I think I’m in love with you

ELLY BOOTH reflects on her time as a columnist as her time at Cambridge draws to a close

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So over the past eight weeks you have been reading some appallingly written columns, typed out some rather complimentary comments and put up with a complete lack of ideas.

Now those eight weeks are up and what an eight weeks they have been (HA). Writing a Tab column is one way to have a girl strip in front of you and make you grab her boobs (yes I do remember, and yes here is your shout-out), but that is pretty standard in Cambridge, right?

The thing is now that I have only got eight more weeks left here I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE. Between the all-nighters, the Siberian winds and the 9am lectures, it is just too much fun. Whether memories ended in bliss or pain, they will probably all end up in a box called ‘Cambridge – some of the best years of my life’.


I can say that landing in a ditch after a failed ‘King’s Swing’ attempt wasn’t the most pleasant experience of all time. Jumping into the Cam and forgetting how to swim was mortifyingly embarrassing. Not to mention the blushing that ensued when I snuck out a window at 8am and bumped straight into my professor. But now, those experiences just make me giggle.

I can say that my inability to understand any of the drinking games in Cambridge has led to some ‘interesting’ experiences. Visiting rugby teams do have the weirdest post-Cindies activities you could possibly imagine. But also led to nights which will stay with me forever. I would highly recommend a 4am punt along the backs for example.

Obviously Cambridge has far more to it than just a few (many) drunken nights. Wandering through the Fitzwilliam is the best way to turn a bad day around. The view from St John’s Chapel Tower can undo all the presumed twatery its surrounded by. Not to mention the times spent curled up with a HK fusion attempting to recover from the pre-mentioned nights.

Whatever you choose to do in Cambridge: whether it is running around with a weird shaped ball or trying to become the next Eddie Redmayne, you can meet some incredible people.  People who can switch from critiquing the new Topshop collection to discussing the meaning of life. These people are one of the main reasons that Cambridge is so amazing.

These years will be the best of your life – admit it!

So as my years here come to an end, I could look back and blush. I could wish that I hadn’t challenged some guy to a grass wrestle in the middle of WGP 2012 or thought Ann Summers was a suitable costume shop. Or I could laugh. Because university is one time in your life when all these things are okay. Even if that does involve cycling along the tow path in a dominatrix costume.

So whether you are spending this Monday morning nursing an incredible Life hangover or paddling down the river, I hope you have as many special memories of this place as I do. For the finalists among you, good luck next term. For the rest of you, take every opportunity you can because the only things I regret are things I didn’t do.

Have a happy Monday and a fabulous week 8 xx ….

PS: to the people who have begged for a shout out, here it is. I love you all.

Time for Tubby Bye Bye!