Andy Answer Is? Public Marriage Proposal Left Hanging

A marriage proposal to “Andy” is on public display near the Sidgwick Site.

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UPDATE 14:18 23/01/2014: Andy said yes!

Alice reports back: ‘I didn’t think it would get this big, but I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive response. I’d also like to clear up some confusion.

‘It is a real college marriage proposal, and was swiftly accepted after my (now) fiancé recovered from the shock.’

A giant sign reading “ANDY WILL YOU MARRY ME?” has been put up on the backs. The public proposal, spelled out with letters shaped from aluminium foil, is strung from trees along Queen’s Road. Placed against the romantic backdrop of King’s College Chapel, and raunchily situated mere footsteps from Orgasm Bridge, it is unclear if the proposal is a student stunt or the real thing.

Even the rain couldn't dampen the romance

Even the rain can’t dampen their ardour

It remains unknown if “Andy” has responded to the elaborate proposal, but the clock is certainly ticking. A tag attached to the display claims that the sign will be removed by 9PM today.

A heart-pumping countdown

A heart-rending countdown

A Clare porter told The Tab that a “young lady” who he recognised but did not know, had visited the Clare Memorial Court plodge on Sunday, asking whether the property that the sign now sits on is owned by Clare– and that she was “probably a student.”

At King’s College, which owns the land concerned, reaction to the sign was more puzzled than passionate. A porter said that it was unlikely the sign would be removed by college authorities, as it was “not offensive or a protest.”


Commenting to The Tab, a cynical pedestrian suspected that the display was a “cheap-shot TV prank” and that “I very much doubt it’s real.” By contrast, a second year Theologian cycling past the sign from the University Library had a very different take, saying “I wish my college husband had put that much effort into the proposal when I was a fresher!”

The hashtag #findandy has gone viral on Twitter, with even the University of Cambridge’s official Twitter account re-tweeting an image of the enigmatic engagement.

Is this a college proposal or a declaration of true love? Are you Andy’s amour, or know the parties involved? Contact [email protected] with tips, and stay tuned to The Tab for further updates.