Pem-broke! Faith in humanity restored after shit student nicks cash

HARRY SHUKMAN reports back on one man’s mission to bring Utopia to Cambridge.

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Pembroke has been struck by a quick-fingered felon who shamelessly thieved cash from a laundry-room honesty box.

JPC treasurer (and Tab music editor) OJ Watson was devastated when £25 he donated to a new honesty system was lifted straight out of coin holders, just four days after they were installed.

He announced the idea with great pride in a college email, but warned that ‘this system is only as strong as the largest kleptomaniac among you’.

Less than 100 hours later he sent out a dejected message saying ‘the walls of Utopia have fallen; the dream has been shattered by the kleptomaniacs now laughing at the ruins.

‘Please return any money to my pigeonhole. I do not hold much hope, however, as what little is left in my now shrinking soul is ebbing away like the memories of Utopia.’

But in an act of everyday anonymous kindness only seen in Buzzfeed listicles, a stranger posted this into OJ’s pidge:

Faith in humanity restored

Speaking to The Tab, OJ said ‘the note really picked me up. I’m fortunate to be in Pembroke with its wonderful community spirit, and this note gave me back that feeling and my belief in others who were also disappointed by the earlier theft’.