Review: Cambridge Hot Chocolate

ANNA WILMOT stalks the streets of Cambridge in search of the perfect cup o’ choc

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As the nights get darker and the days get colder, a steaming cup of rich, warm hot chocolate can’t go amiss. I have selflessly committed myself to the task of discovering the best hot chocolates in Cambridge for you to help fend off those Week 5 blues.

Chocolat Chocolat

This hot chocolate has to be my favourite. The store itself is an adorable, quaint little shop filled with scrumptious looking chocolate treats. The delicious, rich hot chocolates themselves are served in perfectly sized small helpings, at only £1.50, and if you visit on a weekend you can treat yourself to the ‘cinnamon and cream’ weekend special for only 20p extra (totally worth it). The stuff is so thick that I would only suggest asking for a spoon or you will struggle to scrape up those tasty last drops. There is no where to sit so drink this hot chocolate as a perfect little on-the-go pick-me-up.


Double le trouble


This was disappointing. I sampled both the salted caramel hot chocolate and the white hot chocolate and neither tickled my tastebuds, to say the least. The salted caramel was undetectable, and the after taste was almost like granulated coffee…? Initially, the white hot chocolate tasted just of hot milk, but, to be fair, after mixing it up a bit, I realised that the sweet stuff had fallen to the bottom, and it greatly improved. Nevertheless, Starbucks does not have my vote and, if you insist on visiting a chain cafe for your hot chocolate needs, I suggest you go elsewhere.


Two starbucks

Cafe Nero

Unlike Starbucks, the much-loved Cafe Nero did not disappoint. The hot chocolate was rich without being overwhelmingly sweet, and after I finished off my very large mug, I was left with a warm feeling of contentment. I would also highly recommend ordering one with whipped cream on top – why not treat yourself? I particularly like the store on King’s Parade; if you take some work, sipping on hot chocolate and looking out at King’s Chapel might just lessen the pain of your ever-increasing work load.


It’s not a zero for Nero!


One bold reviewer on TripAdvisor called this ‘the best hot chocolate in Cambridge’, but I’m not sure it lives up to the hype. Personally, I was immediately put off by the price – £3.95 for a hot chocolate with all the toppings. The drink itself was quite yummy, particularly with the marshmallows on top, although slightly too watery for my liking, and the view from upstairs onto the street is beautiful. I wouldn’t suggest trying the special ‘chilli hot chocolate’ though – I’m convinced she must have forgotten to put any chilli in mine, but either way, I couldn’t taste it.



Arc Cafe

The hot chocolate here was an unexpected gem. Located on the Sidgwick Site, I have spent hours in this cafe avoiding the library, but I had not discovered their hot chocolate until now, and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Excluding Chocolat Chocolat, this hot chocolate was distinctly creamier and richer than the others, and only £2 for this shot of chocolatey goodness. Its the perfect treat to help you power through a day in the library.





 The hot chocolate at Fitzbillies is simply delicious. For £2.75 you can enjoy a huge mug of the stuff, and, having established the perfect level of sweetness, I was able to gulp down the whole thing, enjoying every last drop. It has an authentically chocolatey taste, and I have been informed that this is down to their use of chocolate ganache. The cafe itself also provides a perfect setting to enjoy your beverage, either seated at the long communal table, or people-watching through the window looking onto Trumpington Street.


Fitz for a king