Student Left Unconscious After Late Night Attack

Tuesday night followed the regular pattern of many a Cambridge evening until one student was left on the ground, unconscious, with cuts to the face. JOE WHITWELL Reports.

assault attack Cambridge Cindies crime mugging Swap

For the most part it was a regular Cambridge Tuesday. A drinking society swap was followed by an inevitable trip to Tuesday Cindies.  An undefined number of slightly-too-short songs later, and the group went their separate ways.

One student, after having walked a friend home, realised that he had left his coat at the club and headed back into town to collect it.

danger cindies

Every night is danger cindies

En route to the club, sometime between 1.40am and 2.20am, three men approached the student and pushed him to the ground where he hit his head. They then left him unconscious.

The next thing the student remembers was coming to in a Porters’ Lodge at around 2.30am.

A visit to Addenbrookes revealed significant bruising on his arm and back alongside the more obvious cuts to his face. The reason for the attack is unknown. No items of value were taken.

The student, who would prefer not to be identified, is understood to be doing well but is concerned about the fact that the three people in question may still be in Cambridge.